Living in the Chicago area, we know all too well how difficult it can be to weather (no pun intended) the remaining months of winter (technically it’s spring, but it feels like winter).

As spring break comes to an end, we settle into a long string of weeks without really any days off of school and with everyone setting their minds (myself included) a bit early on the warmth and fun of summer.

Unfortunately, this scenario generally also results in a decrease in motivation, occasional periods of frustration or annoyance with school and workloads, and often, a lot of procrastination and some poor choices. (“I just don’t FEEL like doing it”…“I’m ready for break”…“I just got back from break”…“I have so much to do, this is probably good enough”…”I’m just ready for summer”).

Have no fear! We’re here to help.

The great news is that after sixteen years of helping students through these seemingly endless stretches, we’ve figured out exactly what steps they can take to either turn things around or propel students forward and keep the momentum going so that grades don’t slip, stress doesn’t spike and finals do not become “make or break” or a mad scramble.

Even better news…we’ve put it into on online course.

Better yet, we’ve included detailed instructions for how to walk students through these steps.

AND, we’ve even included blank templates for use and student examples too.

Finally, the BEST news of all is that we are going to offer it this year for FREE. Yes. You read that correctly.  I’ve been at this a long time and know just how much of a toll the stress around grades and exams can take on a student’s psyche. So, this year, in the spirit of wanting to help alleviate that for as many students as humanly possible, we are releasing the course for free.

Our only request is that we’d love to hear your feedback.

These key steps to finishing the school year strong include:

  • Learning to calculate and predict grades (making projections)
  • Analyzing grades and making necessary adjustments to figure out what will take to reach goals
  • Creating a process for semester exams
  • Planning for how to get everything accomplished that needs to get done
  • Getting motivated
  • Specific study skills and ideas
  • Using teachers to support your efforts


Watch our 30 minute video below (or through our facebook page) which includes great visuals, tips and strategies for a strong finish to the year.

The entire course can be accessed through the link here, and the downloads are linked both within each step and also as a complete download on the main page:


The course is geared towards high school students, but most of the pieces are fully applicable to junior high or college students, and many work for the elementary level as well.

Please do let us know what you think, and most importantly, get started SOON!

You can have students start thinking about these now, and most definitely, on their return from spring break.

We can’t wait to hear about how strong of a finish you have this year!

Let us know if you have any questions:  [email protected]