Our Monday Motivator/Mantra this week happens to start with a negative, but is intended to elicit positive actions.

  • Don’t wait for grades to come out to find out how you are doing.
  • Don’t wait for the teacher to reach out to you (students OR parents).
  • Don’t wait until six months into the year before you take action and adjust your processes to each new teacher and class expectation.
  • Don’t wait to ask for help if you feel you need it.
  • Don’t wait for parent-teacher conferences to find out how your student is doing or to ask important questions or voice key concerns.
  • Don’t just hope for the best. Find out what it will take, and work on ways to make it happen.

The new year is well underway, and as I review the list above, I realize this could go on and on.  Also, I intended to spin each of these into a “DO”; HOWEVER, I do not believe that would allow each of us to think about what we are “waiting on” and then generate ideas and solutions so that we can TAKE ACTION, move forward and accelerate progress and results.

This week’s advice is simple.  Make the most of your time and resources during this important time of year. As you head into (or have just wrapped up) parent-teacher conferences, and as you review grades and feedback from the first quarter of the year, check out the fantastic resources we are posting all week long.   Be sure to check our Facebook and social media posts Tuesday for our FREE DOWNLOAD (a printable tool you can actually use)!