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Lisa started tutoring [our son] a few years ago and this has helped open the door for academic success for him ever since. She made our son realize he is not alone with his ADD or Executive Function Disorder. Lisa Marsicano brings valuable and educated tools and resources to you and your child.

Proud Mother and Father


Lisa’s help has been invaluable transitioning my son from middle school to high school. He has learned how to approach academic challenges with skills she has taught him. His stress level has markedly improved…and so has mine, thanks to Lisa! I can’t say enough good things about her

Mother of Two

Hinsdale, IL

Lisa has been able identify some of the underlying reasons for difficulties and address those challenges with specific strategies. She has done a terrific job at helping our son see “the big picture” in a high school setting. I can’t imagine what this important year would have been like without Lisa.

Mother of Three

Hinsdale, IL


Lisa Marsicano discusses ADD, ADHD, and Executive Functioning on WGV-TV

Learn About Executive Functioning

What are executive function skills?

Not having fully-developed executive function skills can hinder success and confidence in school

How many school-age children are affected?

Research conflicts, but it may affect upwards of 40-50% of the US school-age population

How do you know if your child has executive functioning issues?

First – these issues are not a sign of “intelligence”. Very intelligent kids often have these issues! Contact us for help determining the best way to help your child succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most parents and students we work with have many, many questions they are wrestling to answer. We understand!

A few of the most common questions are at the right. We also have a fuller list of questions that may help by following the button below.  And if you have any other questions, we encourage you to contact us.

Who is a good candidate for EF support?
Anyone who seeks to develop any area of executive functioning or study skills. Most of us can benefit from suggestions, strategies or tools in some area. Please let us know what types of support you are interested in and how/when is best to reach you. The first step is to set up a consultation appointment!
What are academic signs of possible Executive Function skills deficiencies?
  • Difficulty with a specific subject or just school work in general
  • Unable to organize school materials, bedroom or belongings
  • Difficulty understanding assignments or what is expected
  • Unable to pay attention, stay focused or sit still
  • Confused by how information fits together or breaks down it into smaller pieces
  • Takes longer to complete tasks than necessary
  • Poor attention to detail
  • Trouble starting tasks and transitioning to new ones
  • Difficulty seeing how information fits together or breaking it into smaller pieces
  • Surprised when grades aren’t as good as expected
  • Disappointed that grades don’t reflect what is known or understood
  • Loses important assignments and forgets to turn things in
  • Speaks well, has great ideas and is inherently bright but this does not show in school work and grades
What are personal signs of possible Executive Function skills deficiencies?
  • Appears lazy, unmotivated, confused, disorganized, or unproductive
  • Impulsive and acts without considering future consequences
  • Rigidity which often triggers anxiety
  • Low self esteem and easily frustrated
  • Difficulty learning from past experience and applying to the future
  • Difficulty solving problems and trying new strategies
  • Difficulty managing/estimating times and often late
  • Apparent behavioral/emotional management issues: seeks immediate gratification, overreacts, overly emotional, unenthusiastic,
  • unable to pick self up, or fluctuates between highs and lows
  • Provides automated responses (uh-huh, ok, no) without actually processing
  • Difficulty regulating self or having self awareness/assessment
  • Difficulty interpreting and translating instructions/social cues
  • Random interjection of thoughts (perhaps from previous topic)

“Lisa’s plans just made it so easy! If I had known about these before, I would have had straight A’s long ago.”

High School Freshman


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